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A million tears since you’ve been gone
I’ve cried but know I must go on
A mother’s love can not forget
The son that’s brought this loneliness

It’s lonely here without you
Seem’s no matter what I do
I can’t escape the thoughts of you
You’re in everything I try to do

Since you were quickly called away
My heart’s been filled with lonely days
As time’s consumed through-out the years
I seem to drown in all these tears

Your resting place I visited today
So broken hearted all the way
But no one knows of my heartache
My love for you I’ll never forsake

I miss you more and more each day
Will this emptiness ever go away?
When I turn to leave you here
I know I’ll cry another million tears

Written & Composed By:
Nancy Bailey-Whitmore-Shields
Copyright © 2011

Before you go any further, I would like you to know that my son was a "Master Stone Mason", and not to my being prejudice, but he possessed an extremely talented gift as I am sure you will agree when you see some of his work posted on this site. He has built homes and fireplaces among a long list of other constructions for doctors, lawyers, judges and other high officials. A stonemason’s work is not an easy one. He is like an artist with a painters brush. Each stone is placed meticulously and grouted with artful skill and seasoned with pride. I know that is the kind of dedication my son took when he placed each stone. He came from a bloodline of generations of mason’s through his mothers’ heritage. (Bailey’s in Huntington, West Virginia)
I would like to tell you about two other websites that I created. One, a memorial for my son that explains about a silent killer that kills thousands of American people annually. You really do need to go there. I only wish I had known these facts you'll find on his site, before his sudden and fatal tragedy.

Please scroll down, and you will find a smilebox greeting with my own copyright poetry in it. I love God, and people, therefore life itself inspire's me daily to one degree or the other.

There are some spaces between these photo's due to what I believe is spacing from smilebox. So please just scroll on down and you will see there is more. Thank You

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William Leslie Whitmore Jr.
(Billy Beau)
First may I say; my son was a brilliant stonemason the greater part of his life, coming from several generations of masons, with a heart bigger than even he could ever know. A mason’s life is not an easy one. His skill is overwhelming. To take a piece of old field stone, and create the many awesome things he can, is by far a stroke of genius, a skill given to him by the Master Architect of our world, and wondrous universe, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Before you leave my son's site, please light a candle. I cannot tell you what a comfort it is to know you care enough to take the time to express your concern and love. Thank You

It has now ben four years since my sons demise. I still and shall always mourn for his absence. You are the light and joy I once had son, your siblings are as well, its just that with your light missing there's a spot that will never shine as bright. I miss you so much precious. Below is a poem I wrote for my precious son to comemmorate his four years of absence.


As I set here all alone on my front porch swing
Early in the morning while I hear the bluebirds sing
I began to focus on my thought’s, of how things use to be
When my eyes suddenly beheld, a young man looking at me
He was tall and handsome, wearing a gentlemen’s hat
At first when I saw him, I thought it was you I was looking at

But only for a moment, could another take my breathe away
To think that it could really be you, for a moment, for today
You always wore that smile and some kind of cap
The same as you always wore when you sat upon my lap
I can see your smiling face look at me, as though it were today
But only for a moment, that was yesterday

Nothing I’ve ever known has made me feel like this
Still wanting your touch and your smile that I so dearly miss
I’m living a life that I thought could never be
Of a heart that’s forever broken,
for the things that use to be
Searching for an answer, a reason why this is
Why God has taken my son and he no longer lives

As I sat there on the porch swing, it felt like a raindrop on neck
I then looked up into the sky, and my mind continued to reflect
I could see a young boy with a ball bat in his hand
Waiting patiently for the pitcher to finally make a stand
When at last the ball found wings to fly, voices filled the air
Coming back from far in time, so beautiful and so fair
Brothers, cousins and friends playing their mini game
Those times are forever gone, and will never be the same

It’s been four long years now since last I saw your face
So many times I needed the comfort of your smile
that no one can replace
The soft and gentle voice that spoke so often to me
Has been carried away forever, from this place where it use to be
The hands that calmed my nervous soul when things just wasn’t right
The words I heard you say so often, “I love you mother, goodnight”

Still I continued to wonder, is there baseball up in heaven?
What kind of games or fun pass times will there be given?
Whatever there is I want to be there to share it all with you
Just remember this one thing from me,
“Goodnight my son, I love you too”.

Written and Composed By:
Nancy Bailey-Whitmore-

My Precious Son
It has been one year my precious son
I had all this time to get this done,
But my soul is finding it impossible
to except what can’t be undone
Not one moment of every hour
do my thoughts escape from you
Others may see me smiling,
But in my heart, your love I constantly review


I don’t’ know how to let you go
or how to except your face I shall no longer see
From the first movement of life, you lived inside of me
I and God were the only one’s who knew you were there
As each month past, you and I shared those moments
together, beyond any other human emotions to compare.
How does a mother say and except,
That she will no longer see her first-born son?
All the things we shared are at an end, and all the things we have done?
I refuse to believe a life so kind and good
Should be allowed to be taken away,
Did I not see, or somehow misunderstood?

Random thoughts over-crowds my mind
Of precious memories you left behind 

For thirty-nine years I have loved and cherised you
Then without a warning, you were gone, without a clue
The little boy whose hair I combed so many school mornings
Had been taken away, cut like a knife, without any warning
The little baby I sat on my lap, and sang to so many times
You were my breathe of spring, my little piece of sunshine. 

How can it be after so many years a mother must visit her child’s grave?
Had I lived such a terrible life, that God decided to take my sunshine away?
You were such a good young man, so kind and forgiving.
You were my friend, my confidant, in a world constantly changing
Childhood memories of you linger in my heart everyday
I am thankful for those times, and there they will forever stay 
Knowing I can never again hug you, or feel your precious touch
Weighs heavy in my heart, Oh, how I miss you so much
Knowing this is impossible, my heart grieves for you even more
I sit in my room, and look up occasionally, to see you at my door
However, no more does my Billy come to me anymore 
God has taken that time from me and has permanently closed the door

Oh, how can a life change itself, in such a devastating state?
In the summer of your life, with so much to appreciate
As distinctive and unique our special love had become
You thanked our God in heaven for the many things He had done
I don’t know why, nor do I pretend to understand
However, I do realize life and death is holding to Gods hand.
He doesn’t need a reason or have to explain why
Sometime’s it’s just so hard to except,
Why my precious Billy had to die.


I love you my son, and in my heart you will always remain alive 
Still my arms long to hold you, and there will be many more tears to fall from my eyes
Till once again God will allow me to be at your side,
I must brave whats to come and my sorrow I'll hide 
As each day comes and goes, and people continue there daily task
They can’t’ even imagine or know in my heart, I constantly ask
Why did my Billy have to go?
Can anyone tell me, does anyone know?

Written and Composed By:
Nancy Whitmore-Shields

Always and Forever,

William (Billy Beau) Whitmore Jr. who was born in West Virginia on September 10, 1966 and passed away on November 27, 2005 at the age of 39. We will remember him forever. God knew him truly the best. He knew his most gracious kind, and above all, forgiving heart. He left behind two awesome and beautiful children, a young man, Matthew Aaron Whitmore his firstborn, who is presently serving in the US Air force, and a daughter, Brittnie NcCole Whitmore. He also left a loving Dad, and mother, and four siblings, two brothers, Donald Austin Whitmore and James Perry Whitmore III. Two sisters, Beth Ann Whitmore and Emily Ann Whitmore-Shields. To have known Billy was a gift from God, to never have known him is a sad loss.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SON   / Nancy Whitmore-Shields (Mother)
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